About Us

ALSEAS is an entirely student-run organization with many opportunities for members to get directly involved as early as their first semester on-campus. We welcome anyone with an interest in Southeast Asia, and you do NOT have to be part of a member group (ALIVE, CAMBO, KASAMA, MASA, SATAY, or ViSA) to join ALSEAS.

For more information about us, please email yale.alseas@gmail.com.

2016 ALSEAS Board

President: Phyu Hnin Lwin
Vice President: Anne Zlatow
Treasurer: Sandy Wongwaiwate

2011 ALSEAS Board

Co-Presidents: Adeline Yeo ‘14 & Lawrence Lim ‘13
Treasurer: Nick Defiesta ‘14
Community Chair: Ysabel Ilagan ‘14
Political Chair: Hong Tran ‘14
Social Chair: Pon Chirathivat ‘14
Advisory Members: Liz Lee ‘11 & Trinh Nguyen ‘11

2010 ALSEAS Board

President: Trinh Nguyen ‘11
VP/Treasurer: Janice Chen ‘12
Secretary: Lorenzo Labitigan ‘13
Special Events Chair: Catherine Dinh ‘13
Community Chair: Lawrence Lim ‘13
Cultural Chair: Hong Tran ‘14
Political Chair: Adeline Yeo ‘14
Social Chair: Pon Chirathivat ‘14